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Various Types of Roof overhangs

Roof Overhang

What Is Roof Overhangs | 15 Types of Roof Overhangs | Best Overhangs On Houses

Various Types of Roof overhangs

  1. Cantilever Roof overhang
  2. Flat Roof Overhang
  3. Hip Roof Overhang
  4. Awnings Roof Overhang
  5. Gable Roof Overhang
  6. Canopy Roof Overhang
  7. Shed Roof Overhang
  8. Sunroom Roof Overhang
  9. Screened- On the veranda
  10. Bonnet Roof
  11. PergolaRoof Over hang
  12. CurvedRoof Over hang
  13. Hexagonal Roof Overhang
  14. Cantilever overhang detail can give overhang up to 1500 mm without supporting steelwork. This detail can have a depth of at least 110 mm and a maximum of 500 mm.

    The APL series of stake system give the easiest and the majority gainful way to complete or go beyond the obligation detailing part. The extension detail provides better air sealing around the purlin and reduces cold bridging.

    2. Flat

    What Is Roof Overhangs | 15 Types of Roof Overhangs
    Flat Roof Overhang

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